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Language and dance classes are a great way to learn the language and make friends. In each language or dance class there is a mixture of nationalities. Learning a language and dancing with people from other countries but with similar interests is not only the best way to learn a language and to learn the steps – but is also a great deal of fun! The language courses are taught by experienced and fully qualified spanish native speaking tutors. Each Flamenco, Salsa lesson is taught by a professional dance tutor.


spanish courses and dance  

Spanish Course and Dance

• Learn Flamenco or salsa during your Spanish Course

learn spanish in spain
Course Schedule:
  10 lessons of Grammar and Vocabulary
  10 lessons of Conversation
    3 lessons of Salsa or Flamenco dance
learn spanish in spain
Group Size:
  From four to a maximum of eight students
learn spanish in spain Duration:
  Every lesson last 55 minutes.
  1 to 12 weeks throughout the year.
learn spanish in spain
  All levels
learn spanish in spain
In this course, students learn either Flamenco or Salsa. Dance lessons are held at a dance academy nearby.
• Flamenco:
learn spanish in spain Flamenco is a Spanish musical genre with strong, rhythmic undertones and is often accompanied with a similarly impassioned style of dance characterized by its powerful yet graceful execution, as well as its intricate hand and footwork. Flamenco embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition. Although considered part of the culture of Spain in general, flamenco actually originates from one region: Andalusia..
• Salsa:
learn spanish in spainSalsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean, Latin and North America. Salsa is danced to Salsa music. There is a strong African influence in the music and the dance.
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spanish courses in spain  

Services Included

• Services included in the Spanish course and dance.

learn spanish in spain Oral and Written Classification Test:
  Quorum follows the criteria laid down by the Council of Europe on the teaching of languages
learn spanish in spain The relevant materials for the course without charge
learn spanish in spain A welcome drink. You can meet other students and teachers
learn spanish in spain An handout of information about Quorum, Nerja, Spain, accommodations, activities, etc
learn spanish in spain Continuous evaluation. In tutorial hours, a teacher will be available to help with your doubts
learn spanish in spain Study Room to do homework
learn spanish in spain Use of newspapers, magazines and books from our library
learn spanish in spain Entertainment Room with television, videos and games to relax with
learn spanish in spain The possibility of receiving faxes and e-mails
learn spanish in spain Internet Access and Wifi zone in the school and Residence
learn spanish in spain Attending seminars, lectures and parties organized by Quorum
learn spanish in spain An attendance certificate or diploma
learn spanish in spain A departure party (summer only).

Starting dates 2011

• Beginners only
learn spanish in spain January 10th, February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 3rd, June 6th and 20th, July 4th and 18th,
August 1st and 16th, September 5th and 19th, October 3rd and 31th, November 28th 2011
All other levels
learn spanish in spain Classes begin on ANY MONDAY
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Aditional Spanish Course Options:

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