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Besides giving the possibility of combining professional occupation and cultural enrichment, this type of course is an excellent way of backing and reinforcing the Spanish acquired “in daily live” and helps to optimise the knowledge directly acquired by students in the street. It may also be an optimal tool for those foreign residents in Nerja and neighbourhood aiming at passing official exams in Spain such as DELE or Chamber of Commerce.


spanish courses for residents  

Spanish Course for Residents in Nerja

• 3 lessons of class in group per week

learn spanish in spain
Course Schedule:
  3 lessons/week
  2 times a week
learn spanish in spain
  Conversation, Reading, Grammar, Pronunciation
learn spanish in spain
Group Size:
  From four to a maximum of eight students
learn spanish in spain
  Throughout all the year.
learn spanish in spain
  All levels
learn spanish in spain
These courses are suitable for students of all ages living in and around Nerja. Throughout all year !!! It`s perfect to achieve linguistic progress and a greater perspective of Spanish Culture over your stay in Nerja.
  spanish course for residents in spain
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spanish course in spain  

Services Included

• Services included in the spanish course for residents

learn spanish in spain Oral and Written Classification Test:
  Quorum follows the criteria laid down by the Council of Europe on the teaching of languages
learn spanish in spain Continuous evaluation. In tutorial hours, a teacher will be available to help with your doubts
learn spanish in spain Study Room to do homework
learn spanish in spain Use of newspapers, magazines and books from our library
learn spanish in spain Entertainment Room with television, videos and games to relax with
learn spanish in spain The possibility of receiving faxes and e-mails
learn spanish in spain Internet Access and Wifi zone in the school and Residence
learn spanish in spain Attending seminars, lectures and parties organized by Quorum
learn spanish in spain An attendance certificate or diploma
Enrol for the spanish course for residents in spain spanish course prices other spanish courses

Aditional Spanish Course Options:

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