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Study Spanish Courses in Spain

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The Royal Spanish Academy, founded three hundred years ago, has emerged as our language regulatory authority with an institutional strength which is unknown in any other language in the world. The French, Italian, European and Brazilian Portuguese have their respective academies (English never had), but none of them has the strength and almost unquestioned authority of the House of Madrid.

Nowadays, the Spanish people are only 10% of native speakers in the world, while countless varieties bloom in all countries. However, the Kingdom of Juan Carlos I grips tightly the reins of the Spanish language. The authority of the RSA is part of a nationalist and colonialist discourse, which sees American countries as offshoots that should remain tied to the old trunk in Madrid where norms are taught.

This colonial ideology, what in sociolinguistics is called “linguistic imperialism”, has acquired particular strength since two decades , when the Spanish State, at the request of multinationals based in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona such as Telefónica, Santander, BBVA, Repsol, Endesa, etc. – began promoting Ibero-American Summits, in which all are equal but are chaired by the King of Spain. The International Congresses of the Spanish Language are held since 1998. In these Congresses all schools are also equal but admit tacitly the aegis of its “eldest Spanish sister”. The Spanish Academy and its American satellites, recognizes the existence of variants but assumes, as a principle which is not disputed, its leadership in the role of “ensure” for the unity of the language.

To strengthen this ideological linguistics position, Telefónica Foundation has financed the development of several works, later published as books, which demonstrates the importance of fighting for the Spanish unit to promote penetration of Spanish companies in the vast market of 450 million Spanish speakers.

Study Spanish Courses in Spain: Oil from Spain
Under this ideology, the former director of the Instituto Cervantes, the philologist Fernando R. Lafuente said recently in an article published in the Madrid daily ABC, the Spanish language was “oil of Spain”. However, at the same time he recognized that Spanish is today “deeply American”, since 90% of its speakers are in America, and only 5% (of total Spanish speakers) “utters the c ‘. In the same paragraph, Lafuente said that this “is the reason and sense” of the cultural strength of Spain, which “should be proud and marvel at its expansion and its Atlantic vocation”.
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