School’s Spanish Language Teachers

Our Spanish Language School Centro de Idiomas Quorum has all graduated native speaking Teachers.

  • Excellent academic background:
    Their excellent academic background (all are Spanish Philologists with the necessary teaching qualifications) and motivation, which comes from an enthusiasm for sharing their language and culture with others, makes Quorum’s courses so appealing to its students.
    This Personalized Approach has always formed the basis of Quorum Methodology.
    They perform the dual role of teaching and serving as hosts!
  • Continual dedication:
    Whether in the classroom, during the school’s fiestas and evening activities, or as guides on the excursions, our team’s continual dedication ensures that every opportunity is taken to allow you, the student, to learn, practise and perfect your Spanish.
  • We have our own Teacher Training Course:
    This is the only way to ensure thorough training and that consistent methodological techniques are acquired. The result is a homogeneous and motivated teaching team, composed only of teachers who master the Quorum Method.
  • Student Needs:
    We try to find out as much as possible about our students before they arrive. Our aim is to obtain some information in advance, about the students specific needs and reasons for joining our courses, their general background, interest and level of Spanish. We monitor the students progress by asking our teachers to write a completed report form at regular intervals. We also speak with students and personally discuss all aspects of the course with them.