Student Remarks

  • Erick K. (USA):

    “So many things impress me about Quorum. The staff cares deeply about the students, the quality of the courses, and the overall experience. As the owner of numerous companies, I judge the quality of any business by the amount of care expressed by the owner and staff. Quorum is absolutely top shelf. Pepe is a clown, actor and terrific teacher. Mari Carmen provides strong and nurturing guidance. And the balance of the teacher corps and staff are delight. Set in Nerja, a delight of a seaside town oozing charm and beauty, Quorum can easily boast of their magnificent pueblo. Learning is fun here – the staff and students enjoy learning verb forms, subjunctive and nuance of Spanish along with the wonderful culture of Andalusia. I appreciate the thinking that has gone into the courses. The evening events and weekend excursions are memorable, with the laughter of teachers and students. The mix of grammar and conversation works well to solidify confidence in the language. Having spent 12 weeks with Quorum with my amazing wife Debra, and our two children, I heartily recommend learning with Quorum. Attending the school is a privilege”

  • Marianne (Germany):

    “The characteristics of this school are: First: small groups all a similar level, Second: the students are enabled to speak and speak about various topics. For that reason the students gain confidence in the Spanish language – the grammar is not the most important thing. Third: I believe, that we feel happy in the classes, without stress, with qualified professors teaching in a humorous way”

  • Dave B. (USA):

    “Hey, I just got the newest (Quorum) newsletter; it sure looks like you guys are up to a lot these days! For most of the month I’ve been in Ecuador…. I meet a lot of great people and saw some interesting things. I also was able to use my Spanish quite a bit. I hadn’t done much with it since Spain, but it came back pretty well. Thank all the teachers at Quorums for teaching me well. It was there when I needed it!! I’ll be happy to answer some questions about my experiences in Spain and at Quorum. Just have them e-mail me. Have a great day and say hi to everybody there for me. ¡Hasta luego! ”

  • Marianne (Germany):

    From the very first moment I felt warmly welcomed at Quorum. Administration staffs as well as teachers are very friendly and always willing to help in case of questions or problems. The school itself is modern furnished and offers big friendly classrooms. For me it was perfect to live in a small hostel, which Quorum had organised for me. Of course there are other possibilities of accommodation such as families or apartments, according to individual needs. A big advantage of Quorum is its personal atmosphere: classes take place in small groups; teachers are well experienced and take care of individual needs. This guarantees learning in a relaxed atmosphere and making fast progress. At least one of the teachers always joins at excursions and other activities; also they introduce you to local people and sometimes take their Spanish friends or family along. This is not only great for the oral knowledge of the language but also for knowing about local habits and Spanish culture. I definitely recommend Quorum for everybody who prefers a small personal place and who likes to study Spanish in a friendly atmosphere as well as wants to get in touch with local people and costumes. ”