To enrol, please send us (by post or e-mail) the completed enrolment form and a copy of a receipt showing payment of the 150 euro deposit that will be deducted from the total due. Enrolment will be valid when you receive our confirmation. Total payment must be received two weeks before arrival.



Students must be punctual and participate in classes and activities. Smoking is not allowed at the school. Respect for property and people must be shown at all times. Student is responsible for any damage or injury he/she may cause to building, furniture, fittings or individuals while taking part in the course. A serious misdemeanour or any infringements of the laws of the land may result in the return of a student to his/her place of residence. Any costs incurred in such an event will be the responsibility of the student or his/her parents or guardians. There is a 50 euro fee for every change in programme or housing.



We will accept cancellations only in the case of serious illness, when a medical certificate is produced, or visa denials provided written proof is given to us before the start date. If you cancel at least of two weeks before the start date of your course, we will return the course fees and accommodation charges paid, less the deposit. If you cancel less than two weeks before the start date of your course, we will return 50% of the total fees and accommodation charges paid. Once the course has started, unfortunately, we cannot make any refund of course or accommodation fees.



The minimum age for students is 16 years. Those younger than 16 years can enrol for individual lessons but must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them. Parents take full and sole responsibility of the actions of those under 18, and free Centro de Idiomas Quorum and/or its staff from any liability in case of losses or accidents of the minor.



Classes will not be given, and are not recoverable, on days of national or local holidays, and only individual lessons will be rescheduled for another day. Request for information about holidays in this year.



The Spanish Social Security offers medical attention to European Union citizens, upon presentation of a European Health Card issued by their country of residence. Nationals of other countries should consult their insurance company about coverage in Spain before arrival. Students at Quorum are covered by an insurance of civil responsibility while in the school premises. We recommend that students sign up for insurance for cases such as illnesses, accidents or theft.



We have courses at all levels, but on rare occasions, we may find that we only have one student at a particular level. In this instance we reserve the right to provide a reduced number of individual lessons. Students authorize Quorum to use those photographic material and images taken during their course and on which the student might appear. Quorum reserves the right to use this material for promotions and publicity of its programmes. The photographic materials will not be used for other commercial use other than publicity and promotions.
In case of already starting a course and you want to prolong for extra weeks, the price will be equivalent to the numbers of weeks you choose. Unfortunately, we cannot charge only the price difference because it is an offer which is charged at the moment of booking and paying in advance.
Centro de Idiomas Quorum is a private organization. It is not recognized by the Andalusian Ministry of Science and Education or by another Public Administration. Therefore, the title issued by our centre, officially neither has an academic nor a vocational validity.



Quorum will make its best efforts to meet your specified requirements, but reserves the right to provide alternate accommodations as not all accommodations might be available at all times.
Depending on your individual needs, Quorum offers a variety of accommodations, from living with a local family in their house, in a shared or private apartment or Studios.
All our accommodations are less than 10 walking minutes from the school, beaches, shops and restaurants. Except Quorum Plus Apartments or Studios, they are around 20 walking minutes. All are continually monitored through our regular inspections and feedback from students.
Accommodation starts at 13,30 h. and finnish at 10,30 h. Any other nights carry an extra fee.
All apartments and studios have equipped kitchen, bad towels and sheets (included). There are Wifi for free and Air Condition (Extra price of 5 €/night).
All prices are per night, minimum 6 nights.
Spanish Family prices are per person.
Studios and Individual Apartments (double room), prices are for 1 or 2 people.
All our prices are in Euro.