Living with a Spanish Family

Make the most of your stay in Nerja and benefit from being able to practise your Spanish after school.

Living with one of our carefully chosen families enables you to learn more about our culture and customs, to sample home cooked local cuisine, and to use the language in its most natural form.

A choice of board offered, and, having your own key, means you can decide how much independence you wish to have.

With a maximum of two students per family and always of differing nationalities you will be totally immersed in our daily life.

Please include all special dietary requirements, allergies, smoker/non-smoker or other preferences on the contact form.

All our families are situated in the center of Nerja, less than 10 walking minutes from the school.


40 €/ NIGHT


45 €/ NIGHT


50 €/ NIGHT

        Lunch with host families

We offer the option of having lunch with Host Families.

Students can enjoy 1,5 hour in the house with a Spanish Family having lunch with them.
Students can taste the local cuisine and practice Spanish.
This option is available for all students, even when they have another accommodation.
They can reserve a minimum of 1 meal or more.

Starter (salad), main meal, dessert and drink           40 €

House or flat Location: Downtown Nerja
Heating: No heating. Bathroom: Shared with the rest of the family.
  Kitchen: Not allowed to use.
Linens and bath towels.
Meals: Only breakfast
Half board ( breakfast and meal)
Full board (breakfast, meal, dinner)

Depending on your individual needs Quorum offers a variety of accommodations to live with a local family in their house.

All our accommodations are less than 10 walking minutes from the school, beaches, shops and restaurants.

All are continually monitored through our regular inspections and feedback from students.

Prices are per night, minimum 6 nights.

Spanish Family prices are per person.


What are the pros and cons of staying with a host family?

Here are some advantages you will experience with a host family:

1. Language immersion

Living with a Spanish family, rather than other international students, forces you to practice your Spanish every day. When you constantly hear Spanish at your language school, and then have to hear and speak it at home, your language skills will improve rapidly.

2. Cultural experience

Staying with a family will give you glimpse into how people really live in Spain. Host families will usually provide you with some of your daily meals, so you’ll get to eat local food. Families will also be able to advise you on aspects of living in Spain, like where to buy things, great local places to visit or popular local entertainment. Some host families may also include you fully in their family lives and invite you to places and events that you’d not normally get to go to, if you were travelling on your own.

 3. Feeling of safety

If you are a young adult, who is travelling abroad alone for the first time, staying with a family may be easier than other types of living arrangement, because you won’t have to worry so much about cooking, where to do your laundry or other practicalities. It can make you feel a little bit less homesick too, if you’ve never lived outside of your own home before. Some students become good friends with their host families and stay in touch with them afterwards.

4. The financial side

A host family is often a financially worry-free choice, because the price includes rent, meals and a place to do your laundry. You’ll know exactly what you are spending on accommodation and your main meals, so that you can divert the rest of your spending money onto sightseeing, entertainment or shopping.