Picasso's Seminar

Picasso is considered one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century. A man famous for his ability to create real works of art in which the most important thing was not the shapes or brushstrokes. The artist from Malaga painted more than 2,000 different paintings that adorn the most important museums in the world.

In this seminar, we will learn about Picasso’s life and painting. We will talk about one of the most famous paintings in history, Guernica, one of his best known works. A canvas in which the Malaga painter used a social theme faithfully representing the bombing suffered by the population of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War (1937). A work in which the use of the gray scale is the protagonist and that became a symbol against repression and violence.

We will not forget his younger stage, and we will know the picture that marked a before and after in the life of Picasso: The young ladies of Avignon.

A canvas painted in 1907 with which the artist breaks with all the canons of realism by reducing the work to angular planes. The spatial perspective disappears and what is known as modern art begins.

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